Why does my gear smell like my plastic tote?

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If you're like me and use a plastic tote to store your gear in then you might want to read further. When plastic totes are manufactured they are typically shipped with the lid on. This makes the inside of the tote smell like the plastic it's made of. To remove the plastic smell from the tote I use baking soda. I open the baking soda up and leave the box in the tote with the lid on for about a month to remove the plastic smell. I tried just leaving the lid off but I was still able to smell the plastic until I used the baking soda. Try it. It worked for me! Good luck.


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Thanks for a geat tip and I

Thanks for a geat tip and I will put this one to good use for sure. I store all my stuff in plastic totes because of how cheaply you can get them and how well they work. I could smell the plastic but didn't know there was anything I could do about it till now.

I will implement this one first thing tomorrow.

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me too

I do this too.  I keep my gear in aplastic tote under the bed in the off season.  I just leave a box of Arma nd HAmmer baking soda in there with the tab torn open all the time.  I figure that it will absorb not only the plastic smell (which I suspect might regenerate from the lid and tote over time, but also any oders that sneak in through the process of doing laundry and/or transporting my hunting clothes in and out of the house.  It seems to be working so far at least as well as anything else that I come up with.

So far teh same box of baking soda has lasted for several years.  i don't smell plastic (or anything else) when I open the tote any more but I don't know for sure if that is because the plastic has compeltely lost its oder or if it is because teh baking soda is still working.



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great tip, I use a tote but

great tip, I use a tote but also put my gear in a scent bag with a fresh earth dryer sheet, so my stuff smells like dirt.

Great tip thanks

Great tip thanks

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Great tip but I've never had

Great tip but I've never had that problem all my gear smells like elk piss lol. I wander what these whitetails down in florida are going to think of me this year...

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good tip

i'm going to have to try that!

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It is also in the storage of

It is also in the storage of the tote.  If you store it where it is warmer such as an attic or out in the garage the heat will draw the odor out of the plastic.

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Great tip.

Great tip.