Whitetails Coming Out the Same Way They Went in After Bouncing Them

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If you're bowhunting in a state where timber is thinner and not so dense and you're hunting or scouting and you bounce deer while walking ditches, fence rows, creeks or whatever during mid morning scouting keep a visual on where the deer run too. I have been bowhunting deer for 35 years and one thing Ive learned when bouncing deer while walking during scouting or just plain checking out a new areas is this.

I have harvested good Bucks during a few of those years when I have bounced deer during mid morning scouting and watched them run to far off to distant cover. What I mean by distant cover is far enough for a Whitetail to stop  when they feel danger is no threat to them  anymore and that is where they will usually hole up for the rest of that day. With that said this is usually going to be a long way off before really stopping. My experiences  panned out when following up that evening where I seen the deer entering into cover just staying on the outside of the fringes or the very  edge of where they went in. That evening there is a good chance they will come out into the field where you seen them going in.

 I have used this method when presented and couple of times paid off big that evening. Time has to be given before sneaking in for the evening hunt. 

This little tip just might work for you if you experience the same scenario while scouting. Just because you bounced them and there gone out of your hunting area that doesn't mean the games over for the day. Try getting to a vantage point in seeing where they run if you can not see them heading for new cover. This might mean climbing a tree quickly,or getting to higher vantage point in a field and getting a location marked on where entering took place in far off cover. Usually they enter down wind positioning themselves for safe entry going in. Its worth a try if this happens to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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Great Tip

Great tip! I will have to try it!!

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Great tip, nice buck

Great tip, nice buck

Nice buck and thanks for the

Nice buck and thanks for the tip

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Good tip and nice buck!

Good tip and nice buck!

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Great tip and very nice

Great tip and very nice buck!!!!!