Western Hunts - Do It

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This is for the person who wishes they could go on a western hunt but feels like they do not have the means.

If there any way you can make it work go.

In the past I and my friends relied on each other to gather equipemnt and to plan and make the trip. Looking back I feel like each of the trips were well worth the time and effort.

The Western States are so beautiful in the fall that it would be worth it just to go with out hunting just take a pair of Binos and Sleep in a tent.

You should start planning a hunting trip the year before. Be sure to apply for tags early, check regs for state you are planing to hunt. Colorado and Montana have a lot of National Forest you can camp and hunt in if you have the permits. 

If you go be prepaired for all types of weather, it can be 70-80s then be snowing the next day.

Also be prepaired for all types of game in any location. We had bears in camp at night, walked under a Mountain Lion on a ciff, followed by a pack of Wolves when leaving hunting area at night, and in Montana a grizzly in camp eating peanut hulls.

We usually tried to have four in the group. Drove a SUV with a trailer for equipemnt. We would change off drivers and drive straight through. Borrow a old Army tent to sleep in and take 8X10 tents for clothing and equipment. We built a box out of plywood and insulated it with styrofoam to bring back the game.

We had a lot of fun and I would not take anything for the memories 



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Just Do IT!

I live in the west and I not only agree but would implore those of you that live in the west to hunt other parts of the west too.

Each area is different and offers something unique, be it hunting style, game available, or just scenery. It's a wide, vast, region with many unique features not found anywhere else.

This year I'm leaving the desert southwest for speedgoats in WY with a member of the forum that I met through here. JUST DO IT!