Watch Your Downwind With Coyotes

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When calling coyotes, more often than not they will circle on a target they are coming into and approach from the downwind side. Presumably they do this in order to align what they smell, with what they are hearing.

This means that you should always have your downwind side camouflaged and have an open shooting lane. If the area is heavily covered the coyote could come in take a look and be gone, with you none the wiser.


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This is one of those basic ideas that you can carry over.

Thanks for sharing the good tip.  This is one of those basic ideas that you can carry over to just about any hunting situation.  It applies not only coyotes and other predators will do this, but I think just about ALL game will use the wind to check you out if they have any inclination at all that you are there.  I know that I have had white tail deer circle to come at a scent lure from directly down wind before approaching. I absolutely agree that having some sort of light with you while you hunt is essential. 

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This is a good tip and one to

This is a good tip and one to live by. Just as we hunt into the wind as predators so do the one we hunt. Setting up like in the tip is the only way to make sure you have all the bases covered for higher success on a regular basis. Another good idea is to hunt with a friend or your son and have them watch the back side to make sure nothing is sneaking in undetected.

Camo well and watch your scent and be ready every moment and your success wil go up accordingly.

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Good info, I've had good luck

Good info, I've had good luck just jumping  them in the woods

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Thanks, great tip!!!!!

Thanks, great tip!!!!!

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you got it

They are sly!

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Not only coyotes but other

Not only coyotes but other preditors will do this also.  About the only one that will come straight in is a bear.