Watch the Squirrel Movement

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My experience over the years has shown me when the squirrels start moving in the morning, get ready. The deer movement will really pick up. In the evening watch for the squirrels to go back to their trees. Once again the deer movement will pick up. Give it a try and see.


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Squirrel are your friend

That’s true, but the squirrels can be even more valuable than that.  If squirrels pay attention to you – you are being too noisy to slip by deer.  If squirrels are ignoring you – you are being still and quiet on stand.

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Very good point Mike! Another

Very good point Mike!

Another thing I like to use up in your neck of the woods are the flocks of chickadees that move through the woods, feeding.

Those guys will come by in groups of 10-20.  If you are being perfectly still, they will land really close to you on the tree.

I actually had one land on the barrell of my rifle one day and check me out for a minute or 2.  He couldn't figure me out. 

Guess I was doing an okay job of keeping still. Wink

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I hate the darn things, they

I hate the darn things, they always seem to chrip when I'm in the woods, almost like there letting the deer and elk know theres a hunter in the woods.

Great tip

Great tip

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Great tip. Most animals tend

Great tip.

Most animals tend to feed at the same time. Keep an eye out for squirlls and rabbits. If you live in the south another thing to listen for is the hoot owl.

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Not a lot of squirrels where I live but there are a few I will have to watch for that and see if it holds true here!

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the squirrels always know

the squirrels always know