Vehicle Preparedness

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We all think about getting in shape for that up coming big game hunt but what about your truck or suv?  Just how much thought goes through your mind on getting it ready for that out of the way hunt that you are heading out on? 

The first thing that I usually do is check the tires.  If they need replacement think what would happen if you get 50 miles from nowhere and not one but two of them go flat or blow out on you.  What are you going to do?  When my tires usually get to that close part of the thread when I have any doubts I will replace them.  Yes it gets a little spendly but would you rather sit out in the sticks waiting for another truck to come by?  Another thing that you can do is buy yourself one of those nice little 12 volt air pumps.  Yes they are small and will take forever to fill a truck tire but they work.  That little pump along with a plugging kit that you can buy just might save your hunting trip. 

Then comes the cooling system of your vehicle.  When was the last time that you did a flush and refill?  If it was over 50,000 miles ago you might want to think about doing one and putting in some fresh antifreeze.  That and checking all the hoses.  Both radiator and heater hoses need to be checked.

Engine oil is is the same boat.  Are you ready for a change now or are you in the middle of the mileage for a change?  You don't have to change it now but make sure that it is topped off and that you have a couple of extra quarts of your preferred oil to take with you just in case.  The transmission of your vehicle is the same as the engine oil.  Check it and make sure that you have a couple of extra quarts of ATF to take along.  You might also want to check all the fittings and hoses on the transmission just in case.  You wouldn't believe the number of hunters that I have seen sitting in camp or on the side of the road with a blowed out hose or broken fitting. 

You engine electrical is something that a lot of people take for granted.  Make sure that you pack at least 2 or more of each kind of fuse that in in all the fuse boxes.  My truck has two fuse boxes one under the hood and one in the cab.  Now is a good time to take your truck to a auto parts store and have the battery tested and the alternator output checked.  If you battery is over 4 years old you may be living on borrowed time, you never know about them.  I had one go from just fine to a dead short inside the battery in a matter of a couple of hours. 

As far as what to take extra for your truck that is up to you and your know how on fixing things.  I usually pack a compleate tool set of both metric and sae tools with me.  That and a full set of chains go every where I go when I go off road. 

These are just a few things for you to think about before you head out.  You may think of other things to do or check but at least this may have got you thinking about it.    


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This is a great and often

This is a great and often overlooked tip. I was going to post the same one myself until I stumbled onto this one that Critter wrote and it is even better.

The only thing I could possibly add is maybe adding a booster box so you can jumpstart yourself if you accidently kill your battery somehow. I also throw in some extra bulbs for tail lights and such as I have had those burn out when least expected.

Good ideas Critter, you must have had some of the same problems I have had.

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a good reminder

Thanks for the reminder. 

Anything that you can do to be better prepared for what may come is a good idea.

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Somethign I learned the hard

Somethign I learned the hard way...if you are in a remote area, pack a chain saw.  We were hunting in WY and awoke to the road being blocked by a fallen tree.  We had a crappy saw that was no use so we had to drag the tree out of the way.  It took a long time and if it was any bigger we would not have been successful and stuck on the mountain for a long time.

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Very good. Many times hunters

Very good. Many times hunters are all worried about their equipment and they ignore their vehicle.

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You have some tips there I never thought of, thanks!

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great tips, I alway check my

great tips, I alway check my truck and change all the fluids prior to my 5 hour drive to eastern oregon.

Great advice critter

Great advice critter

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I should add one more after a

I should add one more after a trip this last week.  A spare axle.  My brother in law broke one in his Dodge truck and after 4 hours of taking everything apart he had a front wheel drive 3500 truck.  But then I guess that you can't pack every thing that you really might need.