Turn Your Leaner Stand Into a Tripod!

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Here are some photos of before and after - a deer stand project.

I had these used ladder stands - they were small buddy stand - leaner style.

I decided to convert them to tripod - I have some areas that I need a stand in and there is just not a good tree that is properly positioned there... one is in a semi grown up cut down and one is on an old logging road.

On this one, I put a roof on it - the other I left without a roof.

The rear legs are 1.25" square tubing... These legs are 15' long - the steel is $18 per 20' piece.

The X braces are 1" and 3/4" EMT so they are cheap.

The roof braces are EMT and the roof is a piece of scrap trailer wall I got at work.

13.5' or so to the floor and about 16' to the shooting rail.

I will add camo cloth once I get them up to help hide behind.

Think I am into each one for about $50 not counting the cost of the stand.

Thought I would share - this may be a project that others want to undertake.

One note - PLEASE make sure your welding and engineering / fabrication skills are trustworthy - DO NOT build something that will fall and get you injured or killed!!!




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  Jim - excellent do it


Jim - excellent do it yourself project!  Great tip.  Dad did something similar but out of wood.  I'll have to share that as a tip soon.


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thats a great idea, thanks

thats a great idea, thanks

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If you can do it that is a

If you can do it that is a great idea.

Great idea thanks

Great idea thanks

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Thats a great idea, got me thinking now!