Tree Stand Tips

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I can’t express how important it is to be extra quiet as you approach your deer hunting stand. Before the season I like to use a weed wiper and then a rake to clear leaves and twigs from my stand approach trail. I rake the trail for about 30 yards from my stand. During the hunting season you can rake your trail as you leave your hunting stand as well. Being extra quiet that last 30-40 yards is very important and I believe it’s a must not to leave a scent trial. I wear rubber boots and spray them down with scent killer before entering. I can’t believe the times I have gotten in my stand and have had a deer come in right away.

Not only do I use a weed wiper for my trail in but will also cut trails in from  bedding or a feeding area right into my shooting lanes, I find deer are like water when they move through the forest they like the path of least resistance. Try these simple tips and you’ll be amazed at the deer that show up!


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  Groundhog - Excellent


Groundhog - Excellent tip!  The Path of Least Resistance is the key phrase here.  I don't know if this works for muleys or blacktail but it sure works for the whitetails.  You can also cut a path in the woods anywhere or to a specific stand using a brushhog or even a push mower or tractor mower.  Deer will take the path of least resistance.  If you want deer to use an area then mow or cut it.



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a clear noisless path is

a clear noisless path is always prefered

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Very good tips.

Very good tips.

Are you using the rake to see

Are you using the rake to see if they have stepped over your steps?