Tree Stand Set Up and Maintenance

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Try to put your tree stand in a tree with plenty of background cover, keep the prevailing winds for that time of the year to your face, and take care of those pesky squeaks and creaks your stand may have developed while sitting in the shed. A good treestand lube can be made by heating petroleum jelly until it reaches a liquid form. Some hunters have reported success by including a cover scent in this mixture before applying it to their stands.


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These are some very helpful

These are some very helpful tips.But usually ever year I change out my old rusty bolts and and rubber washers. This eliminates any squeaks and it also reduces the chance of any of the bolts breaking, which I have had happen numerous times.

I guess though if your bolts are still in good condition and rubber washers are still in place the lube job would be a great idea.

I also like to have my stand at the minimum of 18ft. all the way up to 30ft., this keeps your human scent up high so that the deer have a minimal chance of smelling you out.

Great info

Great info

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I have never heard of that

I have never heard of that trick either.  The funny thing is that out west here you will find treestands made out of lumber that has been nailed to a tree and left over the years.  I have seen quite a few that you would never catch me in even when they were first put up.

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   Thanks for the advice

   Thanks for the advice about the petroleum jelly with the cover scent. I've never heard that one before. I'll have to give it a try.