Trail Camera Placement

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When placing a trail camera don't just look for a well used trail. What you want to do is look for a freshly used trail off by itself that goes from a north facing ridge, thick forest, brushy knob or some other similar bedding area to a food source. Don't forget water sources. Especially in the summer months the deer need water so look for a good trail going down too a creek surrounded by thick cover and place the camera 100 yards up from the water source.

Scent control is very important when placing your camera. Always spray yourself down with some kind of scent killer system and wear disposable gloves when handling your camera. Then when leaving the trail camera spray down the ground around the camera and put down some Doe-p. then spray down your travel route as you leave. Hopefully this well help you locate some big bucks this year.


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I recently purchased some

I recently purchased some land with very limited game use. But once I get a permanent water source in place I will be getting a trail camera and set it up like you instructed. I have never owned one before so this us valuable information to me.

Thanks for sharing your tip as this one will be put to good use.

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Great tips, thanx very much

Great tips, thanx very much

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Good tip. We also spray down

Good tip. We also spray down and we spray our camera. We have gotten more deer and bigger bucks because of this. Before we didn't spray us or our camera down and we were only getting does and smaller bucks. After spraying down we started getting more deer pics and big bucks on camera.

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

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Great tip.

Great tip.