Trail Cam Tips

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To select a location for the trail camera, try to find a place that is well used and secluded enough so that the animal will be relaxed and pass slowly by the camera. Clear bush, grass and any other material that may obscure the camera views, this also helps out so the camera isn’t taking false pictures of blowing branches and grass.  

A great setup would be overlooking a water hole.  A drinking animal will be still and possibly spend enough time in front of the trail camera to offer many shots. My favorite is a mineral lick, salt lick, with oats is also a great choice.  Both of these options would give you an opportunity for many different species of animals.  A method for targeting a more specific species would be to place the game camera over a bait pile.  The choice of bait would obviously dictate what animal would present itself.  A small piece of roadkill would draw in bobcats and coyotes, while apples, oats, corn would tend to be more appealing to bear and deer.

After deer season closes, just charge up the batteries and change your game plan.  The opportunities are endless for those creative people that love nature and the outdoors.  If you are limiting yourself to deer then you are definitely missing out.

The most important part of trail cams is have fun with it!


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All very good tips.

All very good tips.

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One other thing i would add,

One other thing i would add, is to avoid east and west set ups, the sun can and will trigger the camera.

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Just bid and won another trail camera on ebay. I cant wait to put it out.

Great tips espically for guys

Great tips espically for guys like myself getting ready to get my first trail cam

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I was just telling my buds we should keep them out all year to start trying to pattern the cougars. Good idea.