Tony's "Famous" Fake Scrape Potion - Make Your Own

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This is gonna be a gross read - but it is worth it...

Tony makes and uses this to great success... just look at the photo album I have posted here to see how well it works... let me say this, also - all of Tony's photos come from 2 small 250 acre tracts... you do not have to have 5000 acres to make this work.

First - the gross part.. the recipe:

In a gallon container, combine 2 finely pureed apples (complete apple), a cup of plain non scented ammonia and fill the container the rest of the way with human urine.


I know.. but it works...

Place the loosely sealed container in a cool area and let it ferment for a week or so.

Voila! You now have the magic potion (mine is well fueled with Corona but I do not think it matters how you generate the urine!).

Ok, now find a likely area to put the fake scrape... cover edges are perfect.... and then find an overhanging (licking) branch about 3 - 5 feet over the ground...

If you have seen many scrapes in the wild, you begin to recognize immediately an area that would likely have scrapes just by the way the limb is positioned and the surrounding areas.

Rake out an oval depression about 2-3' in diameter under the branch. Use a stick of some other object that is devoid of human scent.

Pour some of the potion (I use about a pint) into the scrape but also save some to pour on the licking branch above the scrape.

I wear rubber boots and rubber gloves when making the scrapes and make sure not to touch any of the surrounding vegetation... do your work and then get out of the area.

You have now created a natural signpost that MAY attract the bucks in your area.

Tony has well documented bucks coming to his scrapes - he has some great photos!!

I have made about 12 of these so far and about 8 of them have been taken over by bucks in the area... I am going to assume I made the non productive ones in the wrong areas.

Here are some photos of one I made right behind my house (as a test, this land is not hunted) and it was  immediately taken over by two bucks, I think... it looks to me like the scrape is being worked from two directions. I checked it this morning and there was clearly new raking marks and fresh urine in the scrape. The licking branch is well tortured also!

It sounds freaky and gross - but give it a try - you may well be surprised at the results!!!


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OK, This has got to be an odd

OK, This has got to be an odd tip but as gross as it sounds I'll have to try it. Just glad you didn't say to add the urine with the apples in the blender, I'd have to go to some lawn sales for sure! Worth a try, Thx.

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HAHAHAHa, Now this one got my

HAHAHAHa, Now this one got my attention and I have to admit that unlike most of the other guys here I had never heard obout human urine actually attracting deer. I would have argued the complete oposite with no idea what I was talking about. I will try the tip and thanks for educating me in this area.

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Nothing surprises me when it comes to deer behavior.  To use human urine sounds perfectly logical to me.  Like so many of the others, I never hesitate to leave a wet spot on the ground, even under my treestand. 

And speaking of gross, a friend and I ran across some very fresh elk sign while on an elk hunt one day.  Never to let an opportunity pass, we picked up some of that wet dirt and rubbed it on our pants and boots and even a little on our coats.  Surprise.... a short time later, we walked up on a big cow elk and harvested her with one quick shot of the muzzleloader.  I believe the more you can smell like they do, the better.

Thanks for a great recipe.....

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How can you argue with success? 

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Scrape potion

Sweeet and salty with a hint of what the ....?  I knew that it has been said that deer could not tell the difference between their own urine and human urine, my dad taught me that growing up in a very avid hunting family, so we never worried about relieving ouselves in the general vicinity of where we were set up.  I never thought of adding the ammonia to help strengthen the odor and illiminate any possible human scent.  Adding the apple is a great idea, gives the sweet for addtional distraction, and the flavor of something they love to eat.

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I know a lot of folks are

I know a lot of folks are going to recoil at this but I pee wherever I am - even from the stand - makes no difference to me

I have never seen a deer react negatively to it

I see them have a fit if they get downwind and smell ME but not when they cross or walk where I pee'd

I have also seen them immediately work scrapes that were created using this potion - like within one day

I have used this to freshen existing scrapes wih good results also

It is cheap

It works

What's noit to love

Brew some up!!!

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Thanks folks - it works -

Thanks folks - it works - there is no doubt... but keep your scent out of the area as best you can.

Look at the hair stood up on that buck's back!!!

Give it a try and then get back with us and let us know how it worked!



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Great Tip. I would have never thought human urine would work, but im def going to try it. Thanks

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ThisĀ is definitely an awesome

This is definitely an awesome tip. I will be giving this one a try for sure. Thanks for the info.

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Awesome Tip

The secrets out now. For years we have been peeing in scrapes by our treestands cause an old timer told us that the deer can't tell human urine from deer urine,I never believed it till my brother urinated in my mock scrape and didn't tell me until two days later after I shot a 173 inche deer.He was very mad but I thanked him.

Awesome Tip!!!!!!!


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It Works!

It is a known fact that human urine is attractive to deer.

Since you guys aren't from around here, let me tell you about Fred:

Fred was the host of a Michigan-based outdoor TV show that had been running for many seasons.

I can't recall the year, but it was probably around the mid-80's that Fred got the idea that human urine would attract deer just as well as the Doe P products on the market. So he started experimenting.

One weekly show opened with you looking out the window of a deer blind while he liberally sprinkled/poured out a quart of the amber liquid on the weeds and ground in front of the blind - probably 20-40 yards out.

Then the camera recorded several deer, including bucks coming in to investigate. They would smell, lick and otherwise love the stuff, hanging around for quite a few minutes before moving off!

Well, Fred has an "edge" to him, so he actually made the claim (on air) that his "product" worked just as well as the little bottles of marketed stuff, and, in fact, he figured that they were probably nothing more than human P sold in little bottles!

Guss what? A product known as Buck Stop (which Fred mentioned by name) sued Fred, and after a long court battle, won a 4 Million Dollar settlement!

They never proved that Fred's stuff DIDN'T work as well, only that their product did come from deer.

I have personally seen that it does work - and it will attract deer, especially when applied to a carefully selected area as our author stated in this tip.


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What is amber liquid i cant

What is amber liquid i cant find it on the net?

He knows his stuff

well it seems Fred has figured out what we only assumed.... what a buck won't do for a hint 'o,  but I totaly agree with you, this man has figured out a sucessful recipe!!  I only wish I knew about this years back...