They Don't Leave - They Hide

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Don't assume that when fall comes, or hunting season, that the big bucks, and big bulls leave. Whitetail deer bucks especially, simply hide. And they hide very well. Mule deer bucks may leave a little. Bull elk may leave, but don't assume they do. Don't assume any of them do. I mean - where would they leave to? (Just another place where, for the most part, they would be hunted.) These big animals have the ability to hide in very small, very obscure places. So, embrace the fact (convince yourself) that the animals you saw scouting are still there, and go look for them. Hunt in off-the-path out-of-the-way places. Hunt where the typical hunter hunts not. Hunt the overlooked. The bucks and bulls have found places in which they successfully avoid hunters, year after year, and grow bigger and bigger. Stay at it - you'll find 'em - and you'll be amazed when you do.



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Especially when talking about

Especially when talking about deer this is true. Many times where I hunt I have found that some of the deer will actually move closer to the road or vehicles where hunters walk in from because they know almost everyone will walk right past them on their way to farther back land. Mule deer do travel a fair distance every few days so just look for these small cover pockets in the unusual or strange places that they normally would not be.

Thanks for the tip. It's a good one.

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Yes, great tip!!!!!

Yes, great tip!!!!!

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So true

I see this every year with good bucks and some times you have to get right on top of them to get them to jump.

They sure do hide and hide

They sure do hide and hide well. Sometimes behind the smallest of things you would not think would hide game. I think they are in trees sometimes : )

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It happens

It happens over and over again. You will assume that they left the area and so you start to rush to another area, and then boom, you bust them out of cover where they were hiding, realizing they never left and just became lot smarter than you. Great advice.

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Definately going to keep this

Definately going to keep this tip in mind when afield! Thanks for the reminder!

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I have found that this is

I have found that this is also true on early scouting trips.  The bigger animals will always stay under cover until just about dark before they even think of coming out.

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It's Amazing

It's amazing how a large animal can hide in a small place or behind a relatively small object.

They also know how to use shadows for cover - something that hunters would do well to learn.

Just walking along the edge of a tree line staying in the shadows rather than being exposed to the sun makes a tremendous difference in how easily game can spot you.

I've seen bucks lie behind a log or deadfall and wait until I was past their location - only a few yards away - before busting out, almost giving me a heart attack.

And a deer-sized animal can simply stand stock-still behind a bush facing directly at you and it's very hard to pick them out.

Without their broadside outline to look at or their ears or antlers sticking up above the shrubbery, there isn't a lot that says, "deer!" to our brain.

I agree totally - they are still there - just hiding!