Taking Good Trophy Pictures

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Every year I look at hundreds of trophy pictures either on the internet, the numerous hunting magazines that show up in the mail, on TV, e-mails from friends, etc. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of trophy pictures are taken when the animal is half field dressed, you're covered in blood, or appears like the pictures were taken in a hurry. After walking up on your downed game, the high fives are over, take a few minutes to position the animal for a nice trophy picture, place your gun, bow, or smoke pole in the picture and you will have some great pictures for the rest of your life to share with family and friends.


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This has come home to me too.

This has come home to me too. 

Not only do I try to take photos of the animal before field dressing, but I now make an effort to clean off any obvious blood and to keep the tongue in the mouth.  As exciting as the hunt and harvest are, it’s the photographs that last the longest.  I work with a computer all day and rotate my favorite hunting photographs as my desk top background and screen saver.  Seeing a really good shot of an animal I harvested is a pleasure all year long.  It is well worth taking those extra few seconds to make the photograph clean and the animal good looking.

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great tip, thanks

great tip, thanks

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Good tips for great memories.

Good tips for great memories.

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Fill the pic

Get close to your animal and make sure he fill the picture!

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I believe that we have all

I believe that we have all learned that the first thing that needed to be done is to clean the animal and not take pictures.  But then back when I first started to hunt cameras were quite bulky and were left in the truck.  Now days there is no excuse to to have quality pictures taken of the animal and lucky hunter.