Take Care of Your Optics

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One of the most important pieces of equipment that you will take hunting is a good quality pair of optics and they take some care to give you the performance that you want.  So here are a few tips.

Use some alcohol and cheese cloth to clean the lenses.  I will usually pick up an extra cleaning kit from my optician when I have my eyes examined.

Don't touch the lens with your fingers.  If there is a stick or a bug on them blow it off. 

Use the lens covers.  They are there for a reason.  If you have a pair that have lost the lens covers you can get a set of Butler Creek Scope covers to fit.  Now you have some pop up covers.

Keep them dry.  While most of the newer ones are water resistant you don't want to find out that yours are not at the time that you need them the most. 


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Great tip Critter.  It's amazing to me how we treat different items of our hunting equipment.  Some guys treat it all the same.... lousy.  They never clean their rifles, never wash their cloths in scent block, never clean their optics, and the list goes on.  They don't even sight the rifle in each year.  "It was on when I put it away and it ain't been touched since."

Since I believe optics is one of the most critical pieces of equipment, I agree with taking good care of them.  Like so many other hunters, I started out with pretty inexpensive optics.  As I grew older (and picked up a few dollars) I went for a little better glass.  I remember back in the early 80's, I picked up a set of Nikon binoculars and thought I'd hit the motherload.  They were clear and never fogged over.  I was pretty proud.  And I'd still be proud to use those same binoculars today.

Then I looked into what I consider the top three... Swarovski, Zeiss and Leica.  What a price tag!  BUT, what a set of glasses.  I now have two sets of this quality and wouldn't hit the field without them.  And the importance of keeping them clean and in top condition can't be overstated.  Take a clean cloth with you into the field for cleaning after a dust storm or something drops onto the lens.  Like Critter said, don't use your fingers.  Great tip Critter.  One we all need to be reminded of occasionally.


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Thanks for the tip Critter

Thanks for the tip Critter and have to admit that when I was younger I definately damaged more than one pair of binoculars. I finally broke down and bought real scope covers this year because I kept losing the ones you slip on and it's just too important to keep those lenses clean.

The cost of my optics has gone up considerably as I have gotten older and have no desire to spend the money twice because I was careless.


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It is amazing how much we rely on our glass - in my case mostly for determining if a deer has legal antlers or not. Anything we can do to maintain our equipments saves us from wasting money.  Letting your gear degrade is like throwing money away.  never thought of using cheese cloth to clean my lenses.  I just use the eye glass cleaning wipes I get with my reading glasses.  Thanks for the tip!  Now if only I could find a way to keep them from fogging up, I would be ll set!

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good stuff, thanks

good stuff, thanks

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great tip thanks for sharing

great tip thanks for sharing

Good tip

Good tip

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Good tip

Good tip

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Great tips. That one little

Great tips. That one little smudge can make a big difference.