Stay Productive in Cold Weather

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Hunting can be slow and frustrating if Mother Nature throws a warm hunting season at you. But things can take a drastic turn for the better with the onset of a cold snap. Whether you get snow or just a good, prolonged cold front, the hunting can improve on a dime. But cold whether can also make certain parts of the hunt more tedious. Here are some things to keep in mind when your prayers for cold weather finally pay off.

You can see a your quarry's breath when it is cold outside. I have spotted numerous game animals by the cloud of breath that they released upon exhaling while bedded down. But just as you can see there breath, they can see yours. Keep this in mind. Along those same lines, breath condensing on optics has ruined more than one hunter's chances at a good buck. Breath through your nose to help avoid fogging your scope and binoculars. You can also pick up anti-fogging gels and sprays to help deal with this. If you use lens caps for your scope you should constantly be checking to make sure moisture didn't get trapped in them and freeze up and also to make sure that they haven't frozen shut.

Freezing temperatures cause joints and limbs to lock up and get tight. The last thing a hunter wants to be stiff and have no feeling in is his trigger hand. If you lose good trigger press technique you just might cost yourself that animal that you have been dreaming about all year. Just as Lt. Dan from Forest Gump ironically insists on taking care of your feet, a hunter should take care of his hands. Good gloves and hand warmers are a must. A piece of equipment that I have found essential for cold weather hunting is the insulated pad for sitting on. The more comfortable you are the longer you can stay out in the field and thus the higher your chances are of taking an animal. A good pad under your rear-end will help accomplish this.

Lastly don't forget to eat and drink while hunting in cold weather. You are going to expend more energy on that 4.5 mile hunt in a foot of snow than you would in 60 degree weather. Your body requires more hydration and nutrition. Make sure you are meeting that need.

Follow these simple precautions to capitalize on that cold snap that we all dream of.


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These are all good tips. I

These are all good tips. I have hunted in cold weather a lot and have never had any serious problems with a little bit thought beforehand in preparation. Keep the blood flowing and you will stay warm.

The tip I found the most interesting is about the scope caps as I just installed some of the Leupold ones that you can't see through on my rifle. I will have to pay attention to that one as it could be a very serious problem at the wrong time.

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heat and seats

A cushion to sit on that keeps your butt warm is agreta tip hawkey. I have also found that when I am sitting still in very cold weather that it is a must to take care of your feet, not only with good boots and socks, but also by using a pad on teh ground between the cold and my boot soles.  It helps tremendously. 

I don't go out to hunt without those little hand heaters too.  As far as I am concerned they are absolutely essential to staying warm enough to sit still.  I use them on my hands but also at the back of my neck and under my hat.

If you haven't tried this, believe me - it is well worth the effort to invest 99 cents in one of thos ethings and put it under your hat when you are trying to stay warm whether you are on watch for white tail or watching your favorite ball team from an outdoor stadium seat or soccer side line!

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Way to go

I live in Kansas and this will help out. Thanks 

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All great tips. I love that

All great tips. I love that cold weather hunting. But, if you get cold it can be miserable.

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its good to stay active in

its good to stay active in cold weather to keep the blood flowing