Sneak and Peek

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With Elk, Deer or any big game animals. I'm sure everyone has heard not to skyline yourself. But I will say it again, right before you get to the top of that ridge you took so long to get to, stay low, get on your gut if you have to and peek over that ridge before you go over the top,  and decide to glass.

Just this past weekend, I made that common error of going straight over the top and there was a large 6x6 Elk standing just on the other side. It would have been great to see him before he saw us as he bolted dissappearing into the thickets. Seeing them before they see you will give you a chance a lot of times to pattern that big boy. Don't blow it and take your time.


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Great tip, i hate it when i

Great tip, i hate it when i get excited and forget  and go straight over. I've been busted a few times

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Very good tip. Simple but not

Very good tip. Simple but not obvious to many and easily forgettable.

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I don't know how many times

I don't know how many times that I have done that even when thinking of what may be on the other side of the hill

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I had that happen with a big mulie now I always take my time and peek over the edge!

Thanks for the hunting tip

Thanks for the hunting tip

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Great Tip!

Yes - thanks for this great tip. I need to make a list of these and paste it to my glasses or something so I'll always have them in front of me!