Shooting Tip #2

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When the SCI Gold Medal Buck is in your gunsights, at 523 Yards, is not the time to figure out how to adjust your scope if you are a "turret turner."

I use a marked turret for the load I'm shooting, which makes it easy as it's marked in yardage. The other thing I do, and the reason for this tip is:

Type out in 25 Yard increments how many "clicks" from each setting your desired location is.

For example,

0  225 Yards 0 clicks

250 yards   +2 Clicks

275 Yards   +3 Clicks

300 Yards   +2 Clicks

325 Yards   +1 Click

350 Yards   + 2 Clicks

Continue with this for as far as you care to shoot. Print it out and tape it to your stock. It will serve as a visual reminder that you need to turn your turrets and the time to try and calculate this is not when your adrenaline is running at full throttle.

It will take some time to figure this stuff out but for me that's half the fun as you get to shoot a lot. One could have a custom turret made but those aren't always perfect either. This serves as a form of redundancy, which I fully support, since one is none and two is one.


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  A neat tip Biker!  I


A neat tip Biker!  I e-mailed it to my hunting partner as she does not have the reticle that provides the cross-hairs for longer yardages.  We plan on going out shooting soon so we will try this tip.  Thanks for sharing it.


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The reason I break things down in segments as I find it easier to keep track of.

It may be 7 Clicks to 300 Yards but I'd rather move up in 25 yard increments. Game animals do move and I find it easier to remember what yardage I'm at than how many Clicks I've turned my turrets.