Shed Hunting Tip

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Most bulls shed their antlers during March and April when their testosterone levels are the lowest. Depending on snow-depth and weather, the elk may still be down on winter range or starting to move back into the hills following the new green grass. Either way, for shed hunters it pays to hit the tree line. Yes, lots of bulls shed their antlers out on open, grassy south-facing slopes but if you manage to be the first on up there, these spots can be a honey hole. Good areas for searching are natural funnels, saddles, tight canyons and brushy draws that show signs of recent use. Upon finding a good antler, flag the spot or log it into your GPS and search hard for the other antler. Good luck.


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sounds like a good tip.

I’ve never had much luck shed hunting except for Alaskan moose antlers and they are almost too big to miss!   

But this sounds like a good tip.              



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I do shed hunt, and find deer

I do shed hunt, and find deer shed but can never find elk sheds

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Good tip.

Good tip.

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No luck

I’ve shed hunted for elk but never have any luck, will have to keep trying!

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Never Done It

I have chanced across a shed lying on the ground in the woods once.

It was partially eaten by mice or something.

I have never actually spent the time or energy to go out looking for sheds.

I recall back in 1987 when I took our family to Yellowstone and we visited Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

They have a huge - no - it's a HUGE arch made of elk antlers that they keep adding to every year.

I think I remember that they said the local Boy Scout troops go out each Spring to gather sheds for this and other similar projects in the area.

It is a great tourist attraction, and probably many thousands of photos have been taken there.

For the serious trophy hunter, shed hunting is also an important tool to see what bucks have survived and where they might be located come next season.

Thanks for the tip.