Setting Up Your Climbing Tree Stand

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Most hunters know that climbing treestands are the ultimate in portability, but many don't realize how many ways you can adjust a climber to match a particular hunting situation.

The distance between the top and bottom pieces makes a big difference in how easy it is to stand up to take a shot. Consider that if the bottom piece is farther from the top, your legs are already somewhat stretched, making it easier to ease into a standing position. Conversely, with the bottom piece up tighter to the top, your knees will be bent. If you adjust the stand just right, your knees can be handy for a rifle rest to help steady a shot from a sitting position.

Also remember that the seats can be adjusted on most climbers. For some of the same reasons mentioned above, you should adjust your seat up or down, depending on the weapon you're hunting with -- drawn up tight for bowhunting, and sitting much lower than the rail for gun hunting. If you think you like your climber now, experiment with these adjustments and you'll see just how versatile your climbing stand really is.


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I have one climber and use it

I have one climber and use it as a permanent stand. It has been in the same tree for 10 years.

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Like just about everything

Like just about everything you need to practice setting it up and seeing what it will do and how it fits you before you go hunting

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great tips, thanx

great tips, thanx

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tree stand

Great tips on the climber, was just looking to get one!