Setting up Trail Cameras

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I recently just captured over 900 pictures on my trail camera that we set out for my sons Bull Elk hunt. The best advice I have for setting out your camera.

#1 Find a well used trail/water hole etc,

#2 Make sure that you set camera facing the north whenever possible during the summer months. You will not get any false pictures taken from the sunrise or sunset.

#3 If the surrounding area is flat, put approx 3 feet up off the ground. If you set it too low, all you will get are legs.

#4 Clear all the branches/grass etc away from the camera or you will get pictures from the wind

#5 Spray scent control around the area after you are done setting up

#6 Leave the camera out for at least 2 weeks at a time. The more you leave the area alone the less scent you will have in the area.

#7 Don't check the camera early morning or late evening. Check it in the middle of the day when the animal you're after will most likely be bedded down somewhere.

#8 Lock the camera up. You never know who might try to take your memory card with them.

#9 Carry a card reader with you. Even a small laptop will work. Alot of inexpensive cameras out there will read the same memory card you use.

Good luck!


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Great tips, thanks, and nice

Great tips, thanks, and nice bulls good luck this season

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All great tips, I pretty much

All great tips, I pretty much do the same thing.

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Good tip

Thats some great tips and I find every time I go out I learn something new! I take a hand weed wacker to knock down the long grass.

Trail Cameras

Hi there


Great results from your camera and a great set up guide for people first using these trail cameras also.


Would love to see some more of the 900 shots you captured.


Best Regards