Scent Control Tips

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So spending hundreds on new gear or simply "playing the wind"  where do you plan to be with your scent control? As I started hunting whitetail deer with the bow here are some tips that seem to work for me.

1. Scent wafers to attach to gear
2. Store cammo in scent free bag and keep away from food, gasoline and other strong "human" scents.
    2.a - Add sage to bag for added scent masking.
3. Rub sweat areas with baking soda. (hat line, arm pits, etc.).
4. Spray feet (including bottom of boots) with scent killer, deer urine, household ammonia, etc.
5. Scent Wafers from Hunter Specialties. I like the plain Earth ones.. man do they ever smell like dirt!
6. Wear rubber boots if possible

Side Tip: make wind checker with nasal bottle and some baking soda. Clean and dry thoroughly then add the soda.

Scent Mask Recipe:
* 1/2 cup baking soda.
* 1 cup distilled water
* 2 oz scent free soap (can buy baby wash in most drug stores)
* 1 cup peroxide (the stuff you put on a cut).
Mix together and shake well. Will settle out when stored but just shake it up before use.


numbnutz's picture

interesting, I'll try it

interesting, I'll try it

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A must when whitetail

A must when whitetail hunting.