Safety This Fall

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As each day passes we are all one day closer to taking afield for our upcoming hunts. Don't forget to leave a hunting plan with your family or friends. Start by giving directions how you will be getting to your hunting spot and how you will be returning.

Leave the dates of when you are leaving and when you plan on returning. Exact GPS or names of mountains are great so if something happens to you they have a good starting point to start a search and rescue. Don't forger the cell phone, personal locator beacon, Spot GPS etc for safety in notifying help if you need it. Have fun and be safe out there this fall.


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All very good idea's.

All very good idea's.

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The SPOTs locator isn't a bad

The SPOTs locator isn't a bad idea.  They can be had fairly cheap and a years contract only runs about $100.00 for a basic plan

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good info, I always tell my

good info, I always tell my wife whee I'm gonna be and when I'm gonna be home so if i dont show she knows where to send help.

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tree stands

If you in a stand don’t forget to harness up, falls are the number 1 hunting accident.

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If you were not aware last November we had a huge snow storm up in the mountains during the Late Rifle Elk season. I believe at one time we had over 30 lost hunters. All ended up being located, but what a mess. So to say let people know were you will be hunting at, is a great idea.