Rise and Shine

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How many times have you seen it?  You're sitting in your stand before daylight and then at first light you see it.  A bunch of hunters trudging up the hill, they may be late but up they come, and they are usually walking right where you expect that big buck or bull to walk out of. 

The big thing here is to be in your stand or up on the mountain before daylight.  Most large deer will be headed towards their bedding areas when that good old sun starts to get bright.  So if you are even an hour late it may be too late. 

So get yourself a good old wind up alarm clock that will wake the dead and set it to where you will have plenty of time to get up and get moving with the morning coffee and breakfast.  Then grab your flashlight or headlamp and get to your stand or hunting spot in the dark.  Once there you can relax a little and wait for that monster buck to show up in your sights. 


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  Critter - I agree 100%!  I


Critter - I agree 100%!  I am always in the woods and settled well before the legal start time so I can be ready right from the first minute available.  My new partner thought they could go out at anytime once they finally woke up (first time hunter) but I have quickly educated this tip of yours.  We'll be walking out of the woods with our harvested big game just as those are coming in!


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very well said

very well said

Well put

Well put

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I hate that. Every time I

I hate that. Every time I went duck hunting last season I'd be in my blind by 5:00am. Right around sunup some asshole with his dog would walk up and his dog would jump right in the middle of my deeks and tangle them all up. I make it a habit to be in the woods 1 hour before sunup in any hunting situation.

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Most of the time

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   I very rarely get to my

   I very rarely get to my stand after sun up. I am usually in my stand 30-45 minutes before I can see to shoot. Great tip.