Rattling Tips

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There can be too much of a good thing with antler rattling.

I like to hit the horns together for a good 30- to 40-second rattling sequence and then hang them up and resist the urge to hit them again.

This works to the hunter's advantage, because if a buck has heard it, he may have been 300 or 400 yards away and he comes in and he's not exactly sure where it came from.

When finally is time to rattle again throw a slight change-up into the routine.

The second time, don't rattle as loud!

I figure the deer is coming and all I want to do is let him know the fight is still on. If I'm too loud and he's too close, he might locate me.

Since nearly every buck that responds to the technique will circle downwind to check for the sound's point of origin,  hunters should make sure that they set up with a long, unobstructed view downwind of their rattling position.

While the technique works better in the days leading up to the peak of the rut, I have rattled up bucks during the post-rut phase, as well. That's particularly true when young does come into estrous for the first time, even after the main autumn breeding circus has wound down.

Good luck with my Rattling tips!


groovy mike's picture

you never know

This is one of those thuings that seems to work REALLY well - when it works.

Other times it doesn't seem to work at all and I wonder if I am scaring deer away by rattling.

Thanks for the tips.  A little change up just might make the difference and fool old mossy rack next year.  I think that it's worth a try anyway! 

numbnutz's picture

Great tip, I'll use it this

Great tip, I'll use it this nov when i try to rattle in a buck

ManOfTheFall's picture

Good tips. Rattling is my

Good tips. Rattling is my favorite calling method.

Critter's picture

good tip

good tip

Well said I'll put that in my

Well said I'll put that in my bag of tricks to try

bigalwapiti's picture

Same goes it

I like your advice. The same could be said about calling. Dont overuse. I like to call for short periods and then stop figuring they are on their way. Do you ever mix in calls with rattlin?