Rage Broadhead Tips

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I have been shooting Rage broadheads for a couple years now, here are a few tips I have. For a couple reasons I chose the 2 blade versus the 3 blade if you're going to be hunting spot and stalk there is less chance of one of the blades popping out on you when in thick cover, one less blade to worry about.

2nd is the construction I believe the 2 blade is stronger with one less cut through the body of the broad head there is less chance of it deforming if you hit bone or a missed shot.

When storing the broadhead it's best to leave the blades open, this puts no stress on the rubber O ring that may cause stretching of the ring that holds the blades in place.

If you're ever in a bind you can always replace the blades in the practice head with regular blades for a spare broadhead, the body is the same and new blades will drop right in!


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great tip.

great tip.

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Good tips, I love the 2 blade

Good tips, I love the 2 blade also.

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good tip

good tip

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I've Heard Good Things

I have heard a lot of good things about the Rage heads.

Penetration seems to be excellent.

Blood trail seems to be above average.

The only negative I have heard is what you mentioned - the possibility of a blade opening up before the shot.

I think there is at least one other product that is supposed to make this problem a non-issue, but I don't know how it stacks up against the other good points of the Rage.

Thanks for the tips.