Preparation for the Hunting Season

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Everyone always worries about the obvious. Arrows, slugs, cover scents, calls, and many more other things which are very important. But, don't overlook the obvious. Make sure you have gas in your vehicle the night before. Check your flashlight and make sure the batteries work. Make sure your hunting clothes still fit you. This one really hits home for us older guys LOL. These obvious things often get so overlooked and they can really ruin an opening day hunt. Happy hunting to you all.


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Ain't that the truth

Ain't that the truth!!  We are often so busy checking on what we think are the most important things that we forget the essential.  I can't say that I've never forgotten the important either.  It wasn't fun turning around and driving sixty miles back home after forgetting my ammunition.  When was the last time you ran into someone in the woods carrying 264 Winchester Magnum ammunition?  Forget your ought-6 ammo at home and every other guy in the woods has some extra along with him.  At least I can't remember leaving my rifle or bow behind.  I have left my bow release behind a couple of times though.

What is essential is water and warm cloths.  I have been guilty of leaving both at home on several occasions.  I've hunted all day without water, only to come home in the evening with a smashing headache.  I've left warm cloths at home and just about frozen my butt off.

Great tip..... do whatever it takes to remember the essential as well as the important.


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Yes don't overlook the little

Yes don't overlook the little things.

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Great I have also

Great I have also learned make sure your spare tire if full of air.

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great tips, always wanna make

great tips, always wanna make sure your ready to go