Portable Deer or Turkey Feeder

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I have a friend who loves to use deer feeders that will hold like 5- 40 pound bags of feed or corn, and wants help hauling them deep into the woods where he has amazingly located the perfect spot for this 30 pound battery operated tripod that will only be there for a couple of weeks each year.   My suggestion to him was to build some kind of light weight gravity feeder that could be strapped to a tree  or a fence post if permenant, and this is what we came up with.  I am sure this has been done by someone before somewhere, but if not, it's about time. 

supplies:   1-4' joint of schedule 40 or 80 PVC pipe  (4",6",8",10") whatever size you want

                2- PVC caps that will fit your choice of pipe (top and bottom)

                1- PVC 45 degree cleanouts (y) shaped piece) (bottom)

Glue pipe into long side of (y) so the 45 degree angle (short side) will be angled upward.  Next, invert one of the caps and glue it inside the very bottom of the (y).  Strap the unit to a tree, (Do not nail or wire) or strap to a post, keeping the lower angled opening about 2-3' off of the ground and dircted outward.  Fill with feed, place other cap on top to keep out rain.  Gravity will fill the opening as the deer or turkeys eat it down.  If you buy full 20 foot sticks of pipe you can build 4 or 5 feeders out of it.  These directions can be modified to make various sizes of feeders, and being PVC they are light weight, rust and rot resistant, and can be painted any color you want them. 


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it could work


I don't see any reason that afeeder designed like that (with the suggested drainage holes) wouldn't work.  it just stinks that I can't legally use them here!

Keep the good ideas coming.  Sooner or later I'll find one that I can actually make use of to bring those big boys in!


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ecoroamers, Do you have any

ecoroamers, Do you have any pictures of this feeder? Because the way I read it, it sounds like there is a cap on the bottom and top with the Y facing upward. This will create a "trough" in the bottom of the Y. In this configuration, water is going to fill up the bottom, soak the corn and begin to rot. It could use some holes in the bottom cap but I still think the corn will mold.

Maybe I'm wrong but that is how it sounds to me. Any pictures will clarify whether there is a problem or not.

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This is a good tip and while

This is a good tip and while it is too late for me this year, I will print it out and try it next year. Do you have a picture of it?  I'd like to see what the finished product looks like.  Makes it easier when buiding my own.