Perfect Practice to Shoot

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I have read many articles on how to site in your gun, and this isn't advice on how to do that.  But being at the range isn't realistic to hunting Elk, so after you have good groupings at the range, get out in the field, set up targets at different ranges, and here is the key, do 10 sprints at 100 yards, make your knees weak and get your heart pumping strong. Then take a couple of shots at each target, from different positions. This will bring you as close to realistic as it gets.

I never have been around anyone hunting that has felt completely calm like you get at the range. Most of the time we will be nervous as heck, with our hearts beating out of control because you are so excited. This is a great get-n-shape advice as well. Do this twice to three times a week and you will be ready!


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Good tip for getting yourself

Good tip for getting yourself ready. I try to practice as realistic as possible and also try to not take the shot when my heart is racing like that. I like to use shooting sticks a lot. This helps in general and really helps when your breathing hard. Even when you are not you need to practice from as many different positions as possible. Standing, on your knees, prne if you can, sitting and resting on available make shift rests.

Thanks for the tip and good advice for everyone.

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It sure makes MY heart thump too!

Thanks for the tip. 

If you don't get excited when you hunt, then it isn't for you!  Go do whatever it is that makes you excited.  I know that it gets my heart going when I see deer!

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great stuff, thank you

great stuff, thank you

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Good tip.  I find myself

Good tip.  I find myself getting good old buck fevor after the shot anymore.  That is unless he is a big one and then all bets are off.

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Good tip.

Good tip.

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That is a great tip and a 100? true on how you feel before you pull the trigger!

Well stated

Well stated