Organize Your Rifle Cleaning Supplies

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So what does your rifle cleaning kit look like?  Is it a mess of bore brushes, different solvents and oils?  Here may be the answer for you.  I’m not going to recommend on how to clean your rifle or shotgun since you should already know that but suggest a way for you to keep all your supplies organized and where you can find them without getting four or five different boxes out to get everything together.  And if you are like me and have a half dozen different calibers and shotguns in the safe it will make sense to you.

What I have done is found a fishing tackle box that will hold everything that I need to clean a rifle, shotgun, and a pistol.  You can use the separate trays to hold your brushes and mops and keep all the calibers separate so that you are not digging around trying to find that one for your .30 caliber rifle that you need to clean.  You can use the bottom of the box to hold your solvents, oils, and patches and other things that are too large to fit into the smaller trays.  This way all you need to grab when it comes time to clean up that rifle is your one piece cleaning rod, the cleaning box and the rifle or shotgun that needs a little bit of attention.


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good tip Critter

Good tip Critter.  You must have been snooping around all of our gun rooms or where we keep our shooting gear.  Or you've had an inside tip on how most of us keep our cleaning equipment. 

Until recently, any time I went to clean one of my firearms, I went to my chest of drawers where I keep all my gear and I sifted through several boxes to find what I needed.  I have several old gun cleaning kits with different parts missing.  With enough rummaging, I always came up with what I needed.  E-nuff!!

I went out and bought a new kit with an expanded selection of cleaning tools.  I try to keep it up to date as much as possible and it saves me lots of time.  The one thing I don't have is a one-piece rod and I am now going to go find one.  I have broken more than my fair share of the screw-together type as I push them through with a tight patch.  I guess I really need a couple of them, one for 30 caliber and above and a smaller one for my 22's and 25-06.

I guess it's similar to all of our hunting gear.  The better organized we are, the easier it is to get something done.  Thanks for the good tip.

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Mine have all been scattered

Mine have all been scattered in zip lock bags and things like that until now. I have never bought a complete kit but only one piece at a time as I needed them and as a result I ended up with a mess just like Critter said. I'm gonna head to wal-mart in the morning and see what I can find to fit my needs.

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Thanks for the tip!  It's a good idea too!

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Thanks, great tips.

Thanks, great tips.

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Great tip Critter, thanks

Great tip Critter, thanks