Not Just for Bears, Think Deer

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Anise has been a long time attractant for bear hunters all over North America. Well I have discovered it's just not for bears. Anise and vanilla extracts have a powerful scent and I found over the years that deer, moose, fox and all other kinds of animals will come in to the scent of these 2 aromas. I have been testing this year with each one separate and combining of the two. I have had surprising results by placing them in areas that don't have a lot of deer movement and after one week I have new deer movement.

I simply soak a cotton ball and pin it to a tree and set up the cam and watch'em roll in.


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I switched over to the commercially packaged scents

I have never tried anise but I have tried vanilla when bear hunting and when deer hunting.  It did not seem to work at all for me, but your mileage may vary.  I switched over to the commercially packaged scents like “Doe in Heat” and “Buck Bomb” these seem to do a much better job of attracting deer for me.  Of course it might be that I have just learned to place my stand better as the years go by too, so don’t write off vanailla or any other scent that might work just based on my experience (or any other single hunter’s experience – unless that hunter is YOU!). 


Go ahead and give it a try – what have you got to lose?

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I've always heard obout the

I've always heard obout the bears liking anise but had no idea that other animals would be attracted to it as well. This one will be easy to try out myself so I will be looking forward to trying it out this fall when I get out hunting again.

Thanks for sharing this one, I'm very interested to see the results.

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great tip, thanks

great tip, thanks

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Great tip, I'll have to try

Great tip, I'll have to try it.