New Moon for 2010 Whitetail Season

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Just letting everyone know when the new moons for Oct and Nov are for Whitetail hunters.

Octobers new moon falls on the Thursday the 7th 

Novembers new moon falls on Saturday the 6th.

My prediction will be from October 27th thru November 3rd the pre rut beagling phase will be extremely hard coming off the last quarter moon and going into the new Nov moon providing the weather is cool. My prediction the rut will peak the week of November 11th in Ohio

The Nov. full moon comes on the 21st this year. We should see heavy rutting from the 6th Nov. into first quarter moon on the 13th Nov.

I believe the rut will be phasing out by the 15th Nov.


Alpine_Archer's picture

Nice Deer!!! I always keep

Nice Deer!!! I always keep the moon phases in mind while hunting. I keep one of those little charts in my wallaet all season. Thanks for sharing.

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Great bucks, thanks for

Great bucks, thanks for sharing

Nice collection and thanks

Nice collection and thanks for sharing

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Great tip and some very nice

Great tip and some very nice bucks!!!!!