Never Shoot an Elk in Water or Near Canyon

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Think before you shoot is a valuable lesson to be learned. I recently came across a down to the bone near fully intact 6x6 that we found in a deep cattle tank. What it seemed like to me was that the elk was shot while it was in the tank and it never moved. The tank was off a pack trail too rough for a jeep even, but was reachable by a ranger. There had been ropes attached to the carcass as if someone tried to pull it out by hand, because there was no room for a vehicle to get near it.

The Elk was completely wasted. Most Moose hunters know not to shoot them while in the water, well the same thing needs to be said about Elk. I have seen way too many videos that hunters shoot while the Elk is in a tank. A right turn or left turn by the Elk is all that stands in your way of spoiled meat.

We have all seen some shots taken while an Elk stands at the edge of a canyon. Again a right turn or a left turn is all that stands in the way of a wasted Elk.


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Good tips.

Good tips.

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 remember the first cow elk I

 remember the first cow elk I shot was 200 yards down in a revine, it took us 8 hours to get that old gilr out, I told my self I wont do that again, 2 years later I did the same thimg in the same spot.

What lead you to believe this

What lead you to believe this elk was shot while in the water tank? Did you observe shattered ribs? One can easily kill an animal and recover from water. I would not hesitate to shot by water but I also carry the necessay tools to recover game if I do

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I would have to disagree

I hunt one of the heaviest hunted units in Colorado and we have a saying, "You shoot them in there tracks". As for that bull in the waterhole, he could have been gored by another bull and gotten infected (or wounded by a hunted) and they head for water and get in there and cool off. I have also deboned and backed out a bull that fell of a cliff after I fininshed him off (he was wounded by another hunter and I tracked him down).