Milkweed Pods; Mother Nature's Wind Checkers

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Understanding wind currents and thermals in hilly, broken terrain can often be incredibly frustrating.  I've found that collecting and storing milkweed seed pods during the late summer has made me a better hunter in the bluff country that I hunt.  These little feather like seed dispersers will float on the lightest of air currents and will show you what the wind is not only doing right at you're location but more importantly down range.  I like to use the off season to float them in areas I intend to hunt. 

I will bring my binoculars and release a handful of seeds and watch them dance through the timber, often they eliminate the site due to a current that eddy's and would give away my position to any approaching deer.  Terrain breaks, patches of evergreens, open timber against thick understory all create their own unique air currents and without being able to "see" the wind you are really just hoping for the best.

Give it a try, I think you will be amazed at what the wind really does in your hunting area.


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Great tip and one I would

Great tip and one I would like to try. I have not seen any milkweed since I was a kid in Michigan but I know exactley what you are talking about. I used to play in the stuf all the time chasing bugs and caterpillars back then. I remember the seeds just like you said and throwing them into the air for fun. I know they would work great for the use you have found for them and can think of no other product that would give the same results.

This is one of the better tips that I have read for something new.

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another idea too

This is a good idea.   

Another wind checking tip is to attach about 18 inches of fine (light weight) thread to the muzzle of your rifle or shotgun (or even to the tip of your bow).  This is especially easy to do if you normally tape your muzzle in inclement weather to keep snow or rain out of the muzzle. Just add some thread that is a color that you can pick up readily.  Whenever you are standing still, the direction that the thread drifts will tell you the direction of any subtle wind currents carrying your scent away from you.  A fine thread will float on a breeze that you can barely even feel and may not even notice.   

Best yet, the thread wind detector is low cost and infinitely reuseable - well at least until you fire your weapon and blow that tape off the muzzle!

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great tip, i will try it

great tip, i will try it

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I guess that I need to start

I guess that I need to start to hunt where there is more water

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Excellent. I think I will

Excellent. I think I will definitely try that.

Great tip, beats buying a

Great tip, beats buying a wind checker from the store

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I like the idea of watching them with the bino's after to see where they end up!

To bad they don't grow in a red color...LOL...