For the Married Man

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Alright this is a stretch as far as tips go. But hey it worked for me. I like to give out advice/tips that are unique and not the same thing over and over again.

For you married men, I have been married for 20 years in August, and I spend a ton of time hunting and scouting. Everyone asks how do I get to go so much being married and all. Well for starters I made darn sure she knew what I was all about first, before we tied the knot. But most importantly, I treat her like a queen everyday, every week, every month etc. Get all your honeydo's done in the middle of the week and if you have children, make sure you take them scouting/hunting with you every time possible, even if they are in diapers. This gives her a mini vacation while you are out doing the thing you love to do. I find myself physically exhausted and mentally as well after a week of work and scouting, but it's worth it. Then before you know it, the kids are grown up, they are a complete enjoyment to take with you, and your wife will be begging for you to go scouting so she can have that mini vacation. For every dollar you spend on ammo or supplies, make sure you spend something on her as well. Good luck. I can't wait to get replies on this.


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That’s good advice my friend.

There us nothing there to argue with at all.  That’s good advice my friend.  I’ve been married near 20 years and while my friends try to sneak new guns into the house, and hide money for their hunting budget etc etc. I just have to remember that if is fine for me to buy hunting gear so long as I leave enough money in the account for her to spend twice as much and still get the bills paid.  It’s a system that totally works for me.


Happy wife = happy life.  It's worth it!

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Wow!! Its almost like you

Wow!! Its almost like you were at my house whatching me buttering up my wife.LOL

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You always have to keep mama

You always have to keep mama happy if she isn't happy nobody is happy

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You are right on. As the

You are right on. As the saying goes, "If mama ain't happy, no one's happy!"

Well said. I'm not married

Well said. I'm not married but when I have a new girl I break her in right to see if she will stick around. I'm gone all fall, in the spring go out waterfawl hunting. So far it has worked for me but good tip

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Dude that is one of the best tips ever!