Make Glassing More Comfortable

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As I sit and glass, which is common for hunters out west, I have sort of quickly discovered something I never learned when I was younger.

In my youth I had enthusiasm and spirit. In my middle to advancing years I have creaky knees, arthritis, and I tire more easily than I used to. Where I used to sit on the cold hard ground I now look for that soft spot to sooth my tired muscles. That leads me to my tip.

Carry your soft spot with you!

In my pack I carry an air filled, ultralight, camping pad. Not only do I carry the self inflating pad but I also carry a chair that the mattress folds and fits in to. That eases the pressure on my back when I'm sitting and glassing. It resembles a camp chair or stadium chair that lots of campers use instead of sitting directly on the ground. I have found that this little addition of weight to my load allows me to sit and glass longer and keeps me from tiring as fast. That allows me to hunt longer and harder which just might make the difference between putting game in the freezer or eating tag soup.

As I talk with plenty of other hunters I am amazed at the number of hunters that have never tried this soft spot tactic or even try to sit on a piece of old rug. The chair feature allows one to relieve pressure on their back. That reduces fatigue, which in turn reduces aches and pains. When the idea struck me it was like an epiphany and I'm only sorry that I hadn't thought of it before.

I was lucky in that I had the pad and chair from my backpacking days. The first time I tried it I found that I could glass a lot longer with a lot less exertion. Hence, I'm sold on the idea. If you have to glass for long periods of time you might want to look into this. I've found that it sure makes things easier.


Good tips

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Oh wow! That must have been a

Oh wow! That must have been a great trip! Pretty adventurous I guess! I’m sure you must have had a great time. Actually I look forward to do something similar. I’m interested to see some photos of your trip! 

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Great tip Biker. I used to

Great tip Biker. I used to find myself with a sore butt from sitting either on the ground or downed tree's in the past. My brother bought a sitting pad from a local outdoor store and has been using that for a couple years now. I asked where he got it and if i could see it, so he let me see it and it's very nice. It's a small foam beaded filled pad that heats up when you sit on it. It weiights next to nothing and is very comfortable. The best part it it cost $10 dollars. I went a bought one the next day and won't leave for a hunting trip with out it. It really comes in handy during the late season when it's cold and snowing. My back doesn't get sore anymore and my rear stays nice and toasty. I highly recommend one for eveyone. I t has 2 loops on it and i clip it to my pants on the belt loops with some .$50 caribeaners. The whole set up works great.

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Great tip

I too have a backpacking fold up chair that I've used for many years....backpacking.  I've never even given a thought to taking it hunting with me.  I may have to bring it with me on my next hunt just to try it and see how it will work.  It's not very padded but it does provide good back support while sitting.

Thanks a lot for the tip.  Great idea!

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This is something I had never

This is something I had never given much thought but I know I have gotten very sore on many trips afield. I just never looked into an easy way to take care of teh problem. After reading this I looked around and there are some pretty light and compact options out there. It looks like some of the camo turkey hunting gear systems might be perfect for packiing and glassin gon some deer and elk hunts as well. Thanks for the tip as the older I get sitting on a cold rock is just not really an option for very long anymore.

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Great tip. I don't do alot of

Great tip. I don't do alot of glassing but I do alot of stand hunting. One of the most important things while you are in the stand is the comfort of your seat. If your seat is not comfortable this will cause many problems. One being you will move around alot more and two you won't be able to stay in the stand as long as you would if the seat was comfortable. So, whether it's glassing or sutting try making yourself a comfortable seat to improve the comfort and enjoyment of the hunt. 

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  That is a great tip


That is a great tip BikerRN!  I have used an inflatable seat cushion for my comfort for many years.  Like you I want to be comfortable while out hunting and glassing.  I can rough it as best with my 21 year old son but also like being able to spend as much time possible hunting with my back and back end being comfortable.  I have not carried a whole fold-up chair on any of my hunts.  Later this week I go for 1st rifle and based on flexibility I am trecking in with back pack so the inflatable seat cushion is the only additional weight I will be carrying. Thanks for the tip and hope your comfortable glassing pays off with a nice harvest!