Make an "Emergency" Four Wheeler Kit

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If you have ever been hopelessly mired or stuck with your four wheeler – particularly if you are by yourself and are facing a long walk – here is a tip that can save you – and not cost you a fortune…

This tip will work for your truck too if you size the equipment correctly…

I have a two wheel drive four wheeler and it will get stuck in a hurry… to offset this – the first thing I did was to install an electric winch… and this works great – as long as you can go FORWARD to get out!

I have seen several instances where you really needed to go backwards – or even sideways – to get extricated from a jam.

I bought the items shown below… a 2000 pound rated cable jack, a small boat anchor, 50’ of steel cable, a heavy duty towing “eye”, several tow straps and a large ratcheting type strap.

The anchor is a life saver where there is not a tree or other object to tie off to… if you can get it started into the ground… it will hold and you CAN pull like the devil against it.

The cables, straps and ratchet straps are used for either extra length or to anchor the four wheeler while you pull forward, back, sideways or diagonally.

Using the front mounted winch and various of the other items I have, I have been able to get myself out of some serious jams.

This also gives you confidence to keep going in the rough stuff… now, if you get stuck, you can more than likely get yourself out.

I can do a lot of other things too… pull and stand up tower stands, pull deer out of deep ditches or ravines and also – and this might be a hidden benefit or curse, depending on which way you look at it – I can be called upon to get other vehicles un-stuck!

Take a look at your situation and see if this tip will serve the way you use your four wheeler and maybe even open a few doors for you as to where you can and can not go.

This may even allow you to hunt areas that were previously inaccessable to you!


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Once again, another great

Once again, another great idea by Jim. I love looking at your nice little home made contraptions and ideas. They are always very convenient, practical, and usually necessary. Once again I don't own a 4 wheeler but this is something I would definitely do if I did have one. Thanks for the great tip.

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No truer words have been

No truer words have been spoken about getting stuck or unstuck.  Each person can build their own kit depending on what kind of country that they ride in along if they ride with someone else. 

I got a 4 wheel drive 4 wheeler stuck so bad one time I wondered how I was going to get my truck to that spot to get it unstuck.  Just before I got it stuck I was headed across a flat field covered with snow.  I looked up ahead and saw a couple of rocks and picked a side to go by them.  It was the wrong side.  I sunk the wheeler up to the frame in a gray slimy muck.  My 25' of winch line couldn't make it to the trees and the rocks were behind me.  My only choice was to pull the winch line over the wheeler and anchor it to the rocks to pull the wheeler back wards and sideways to get out.  Now I carry 200' of a nylon pull tape that I recovered from the garbage can from where I worked at.  Now I am prepared for the next time that I get sucked, that is unless the closest tree is 226' away from me. 

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another good idea

That' another good idea Jim.

I don't have any of this on my ATV, and my firewood hauling is going to be over after the snow storm blowing in tonight for just that reason.  I don't want to get the four wheeler stuck in teh woods!  I need it for plowing the driveway.  Maybe next year I'll invest in the winch, but we'll have to make due without it for this year.  I carry my logging tow chain and an extra rope just in case I need to tow myself out of anywhere - not real sure how I would get to the ATV with my car to tow it, but hopefully I'll never hav eto figure that out!  What has come in handy is a machete for cutting saplings that have hung up under the four wheeler or blocked it when I haven't turned tight enough etc. So I now carry a machete with me on the ATv at all times.

I was thinking along similar lines this afternoon though.  I will be braving the snow to get to work tomorrow and along with an extra set of gloves and a spare blanket I put a decent shovel in the back of my car.  I hope I won't need it but f I do happen to end up with a wheel off pavement I will be better off than I would be without any tools to dig myself out.

It is always a good idea to plan ahead and make life as easy on yourself as you can by planning how to deal withany dangers or inconveneiences ahead.