Looking for a Booner, Check the Record Books

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The record books, that are put out by Boone & Crocket and Pope & Young and where I live is Henry Kelsey they are a great way to research a state or a province for big game. This does take some time but the knowledge it gives you, can be very valuable. Not all hunters have their trophies recorded, as where I live after the Hanson Buck became the new world record typical Whitetail, we saw a flood of hunters and now that has happened, some hunters are shying away from the record books but it still gives you pretty good averages.

Here are a few tips to look for:

1. List how many animals have been recorded in the record books in each area you hunt and list the scores of each animal.

2. Look over the list on the last ten years, you can probably see which areas contain the genetics, food and habitat needed to grow trophy animals. If it remains constant throughout the 10 years it will give you some idea of the feed in the area and the protection available. These areas will have some protection to provide a hiding place to allow the animal to get old. Most deer have little difficulty finding sufficient feed during the summer, so the habitat factor narrows down to availability of feed in the winter.

3. Look to see where the largest typical deer are taken.

4. Look to see where the largest non-typical deer are taken.

5. Determine which area has the most animals recorded and which ones have the largest. Sort out the top four to five locations in each category.

6. Look at the most recent dates trying to find a trend in the trophies.

7.  Pick an area and start additional research. If you don't get the answer you want from an area, pick the second area until you like what you are seeing about an area.

8. Have a good map on hand to find the locations that are listed in the record book.

Good luck and lets see your record book animals!


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This is a good tip for the

This is a good tip for the guys that are truly trophy hunters. For me it's not such a big deal though. I like data that shows deer per mile and buck doe ratio and things like that. Although a lot of trophy bucks would be great and I would love to get one it's not the highest priority on my list.

But again this is a great tip for a lot of the guys here. Thank you for sharing it.

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good info

You have given us a very good way to know what we should be looking for!

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Great information, good tips.

Great information, good tips.

Good tip, thanks for the info

Good tip, thanks for the info