Liquid, Gels and Food Flavored Blocks for Whitetails

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These attractants are very similar to salt licks which is one of my favorite attractants, but it also adds a little aroma to their attractiveness. These products have some of the minerals deer are searching for with a little food flavor added. With a liquid or gel you simply clear an area of debris and pour your attractant on the ground. The ground will soak up the minerals and flavor and thus create an attractive, aroma enhanced piece of ground for whitetail deer. Food flavored blocks are done the same way. You can get these tasty deer treats in a variety of flavors. Acorn, corn, apple and wild berries are just a few of your options when creating a food flavored mineral lick. I currently have an apple block out at a trail cam right now and was surprised at the activity it has generated. I also like making up my own formula by using mineral salt, molasses, brown sugar and a few drops of vanilla, mix it up with some water and there you go. You will be surprised how well this will bring in the deer.

Give it a try!


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Ahhh the sweet smell of

Ahhh the sweet smell of success

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Looks like it works pretty

Looks like it works pretty good.