Let the Deer "Tell" You Where to Hunt

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It took me a long time to learn to emulate my little brother Ronnie, when it came to deer hunting.

I started him in the sport - after I had a few years under my belt - and it took me a while to realize he was better at it than I was.

Unfortunately for me - with my very limited set of skills - he is still better at it.

What is bad is that with this realization, I still can not quite seem to be able to pull it together and exceed him in results.

In my mid 50's, I would also like to say that I can still "beat him up" but, alas, that is likely not true either.

One of the lessons he taught me early on were to let others "teach" you.

He taught me to let the rifle tell you which round it shot the best - you can not command the rifle to shoot one round better than another one.... but - the rifle can tell you...

Get the picture?

With his Yogi Berra like statements - he also told me this one: Let the deer tell you where to hunt.

In this case, I am going to apply this to food... which, all deer need!

You can also apply this logic to deer trails, deer sightings, scrapes, rubs, etc... but today - we talk food.

He is keen to notice, and capitalize on, the areas that deer are feeding heavily.

Honeysuckle, persimmons, plum thickets, blackberry thickets, acorns, peanut fields before and after they are cut, standing corn, cut corn, bean fields - you name it and he scouts it out.

I took a new, small private lease this year.

I put in food plots.

I studied the oak trees in the area.

I located the honeysuckle along the fence rows.

It has a major bean field on it.

Now, I am studying the areas they feed the most.

In October, it is clearly the beans in my plot and in the main ag field - along with the acorns.

I have a lot of oaks - but a very few live oaks. Under these trees, it looks you have deer in a pen! They have just started dropping in the last week or so and I intend to be keeping a close eye on one particularly loaded tree this weekend.

Better yet, this tree is situated right next to beans where they are decimating the ones on the edges of the field.

This area is laced with tracks and although rubs and scrapes have not shown up in this immediate area yet, I am hopeful they soon will! 

Be aware of food sources in your area and see if you can take advantage of them... it may just help you fill that tag of yours and serve to raise your bill at the local taxidermist!!!

All of these pictures came from the corner of one field on the lease.... wish me luck!



groovy mike's picture

Yogi Berra like statements

‘Let the deer tell you where to hunt ‘– I lvoe it. That makes it all seem so easy! Just study the areas they feed the most. and take advantage of them. It’s so simple! Well in my mind anyway – now to put it in practice. Good luck to you out there too Jim.  

Thanks for the reminder on water too ‘Man of the Fall’.

Critter done's picture

Great Tip

Great Tip Jim, We somtimes forget that deer don't just eat Corn and Beans. I've got alot of deer hunting acorn trees.

Being a Taxidermist I really like the commit about raising your bill with the Taxidermist.

ManOfTheFall's picture

Great tips Jim. Hunting the

Great tips Jim. Hunting the food sources is always a good thing. If you don't mind I would like to add don't forget the water sources as well. One thing a buck won't forego in the rut is water. He will skip a meal in the rut but he won't do without his drink.