Keep Your Blood Flowing in the Cold

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In the winter months, when the tempurature drops well below freezing, it gets harder to stay warm enough to be comfortable.  Yes, wool socks are better than cotton but; battery powered heated socks are even better. And yet our feet end up cold at some point anyways.  When we are hunting we are usally trying to be as still as possible, for as long as possible.  The problem is, when we aren't moving, our blood circulation slows down.  We especially lose circulation in our legs and feet if we are sitting or kneeling for long periods.  Our blood is what keeps us warm, and if we are not getting enough of it to our feet, we end up with numb toes, or worse, frost bite.  

One way to combat this is toe exercises.  Wiggling your toes can be done discreetly inside your boots and not a creature will know.  There are different things that you can try like all ten toes up-down, up-down, up-down.  Or alternating left foot toes up, right foot toes down.  Curling your toes, then clenching and releasing, doing this at different speeds, synchronized or alternating, can really get the blood pumping. That will help you keep those toes a bit warmer.  Also, if you count your reps silently it can help pass the time go by until that trophy animal appears.       


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Tried This

I have tried the wiggle toe thing with little success. It just may be a poor circulation thing of mine. I hunt Colorado now so the walking normally keeps my toes and feet warm. I have used the "toe warmers" with some degree of success. One thing I am keeping my eye on is a new product from ThermaCell. It is a rechargable wireless insole. It may be a high priced gimmick or the next best thing to have for hunting. I will let you know!


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This is a good tip as frozen

This is a good tip as frozen toes are definately a hunt wrecker. I usually don't hunt much just sitting so my feet rarely get cold. But one time this year I duck hunted and had to give it up after 2 hours as I was just not prepared for how cold my feet got. I did try what was suggested here and it did help for awhile but it was just to cold for prolonged use.

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you are right

I never tried the battery powered socks but wiggling your toes and WARM socks are must dos in cold weather.  In addition I don't go out without those oxygen activated chemial heaters any more either.  They are must have devices for a comfortable hunt as far as I'm concerned!

Thanks for the tips!

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I'll try it!

Well, it is going to be 30 here in the morning, and i get cold feet - so i will give this a try...

i have good boots and socks but do not have any of the feet warmer pads with me - so it is this trick or cold feet for me!

i have to walk through water in the morning on the way to the stand so i know that is going to cool my rubber boots down also.

i will check back in and let you know how it works!




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Great Tip

I'll try this,It can get cold in KS.

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Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the tip.

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good tip

good tip

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I have always gotten cold

I have always gotten cold feet so i will have to give this a try thanks!