Keep One "To Burn"

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Here is a bowhunting tip that I had used years ago and had forgotten about until this week... I had not bowhunted in almost two decades so I am very rusty!

When hunting, bring one good arrow that is set up exactly like all of your other hunting arrows - complete with broadhead (you did use broadheads in practice, right??). Leave it in your quiver (don't accidentally choose it for hunting as the blades will be dull) until you are about ready to get down from your morning hunt.

As the last thing you do before you leave your stand, pick out a leaf or other object and shoot at it. Practice this at distances you would want to take actual shots from... Also, practice from different positions in your stand...some to the left, some in front, etc to see how well you can actually shoot from these angles. A good example is a shot to the right side of the stand for a right handed shooter - this is a difficult shot - can you quietly and safely get turned and pull off a good shot?

This also gives you a chance to make a practice shot with all of your actual hunting gear on, in actual hunting circumstances. If there is a hole in your game, you may well find it in this manner before it costs you an opportunity in a real time, crucial situation! One note - in rocky conditions, this will not work - you will likely shatter an arrow...

But....if feasible - keep one "to burn" at the end of each morning hunt! You could do this in the evening also but finding the arrow in the dark may be hard, so I just use this technique in the mornings.


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Keep One "To Burn"

Great tip! This also lets you find those "hidden" twigs that could deflect your arrow.