Judging Distance While Bowhunting

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This tip is for anyone who does or does not use a rangefinder while bowhunting, here is a simple and easy way to judge the distance to your game. Whether you’re in a tree or on the ground you can use this method at any time. Marking the distance before a hunt from your stand is a helpful way to determine the distance.

I use either colored pins and/or hunters tape to mark trees at 20, 30 and 40 yards in 3 different spots around my stand. With those 9 markers I have a good chance that the game i'm hunting will either cross or come close to one of those markers aiding me in judging the distance. For those of you who use a rangefinder and think that this method would not be necessary, think again. How often does your game sneak up on you while bowhunting and there's only time to pick up the bow. This happens more often than you think. I've used this method in the past and it's worked for me. I can only hope it works for you. Good luck!


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Thats a great tip. I have now

Thats a great tip. I have now and use a rangefinder on different spots but before that I was just measuring out certain shrubs or trees, never used the tape OR tacks for that. Thanks for reminding me of that in case I break my finder.

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right on

Great tip!  I use that method every time I set up a treestand.  I measure off exact distances and put some form of marker there.  You can't be too precise when it comes to distance with a bow.  If I haven't had the time to put markers out, when I get in the stand, the first thing I do when it gets light is use my rangefinder to mentally mark objects around me that are near the trail.  But that doesn't beat putting up the markers.  A very good tip.

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Good tip and will result in

Good tip and will result in better shots.  I have a rangefinder so I do something similar, with just a slight variation.  Once in my stand, I pick out trees and other landmarks and "mark" the distance for future reference because you very seldom have time to use the range finder when they are within 20 yards.

One good thing about fast bows, I don't have to focus too much on actual distance when the shots I am going to take range only from 15 - 25 yards.  Pretty much just use my 20 pin.

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Great tip, I'm gonna have to

Great tip, I'm gonna have to use this one, thank you

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A lot of little thing like

A lot of little thing like that helps a lot

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Great tip. It could make the

Great tip. It could make the difference between a great shot and a marginal one. Maybe even a miss.

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Good tip I'm heading out this weekend to do that my self!

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You're welcome. I hope you

You're welcome. I hope you find it works good. It does for me.

Great tip thanks

Great tip thanks