It's Time to Re-Tool and Re-Tune

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If you're a bowhunter, you should already be practicing for the coming season, and August is also the time to get serious about your equipment.

After all, you don't want to put a lot of effort into getting your bow tuned and shooting like a dream only to have to replace the string or cable right before the season and have to start the tuning process from scratch.

This is the time to go over everything piece by piece and make sure it's going to last through the hunting season. Check strings, cables, string loops, serving, peep sights and any rubber tubing associated with them.

This is also a good time to dig up your arrows and have fletching repair work done. Your bow shop will be flooded right before the season, so get these maintenance chores out of the way now.

Remember, too, that now is the time to settle on your final setup. If you've been thinking of changing broadheads or broadhead weight, or even draw weight, now is the time to make the switch and work out the bugs.

Good bow shooting is as much mental as it is physical, so taking care of these details now will help you relax and be 100 percent confident when Mr. Big steps into your shooting lane.


numbnutz's picture

Good stuff, I keep my bow in

Good stuff, I keep my bow in good shape all year because i shoot all year, great info.

Alpine_Archer's picture

definetly great tips. You

definetly great tips. You want to be set once season gets here. those last minute changes can really throw your box off.

ManOfTheFall's picture

Definitely all great

Definitely all great tips!!!!!