Inexpensive Camo

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I'm always looking for the most inexpensive ideas. Having 2 boys that I love to take hunting I found the cheapest camo is to buy sweat pants/shirts and throw them over jeans/shirt, shorts/tee shirt or right over your boxers just depending on the season.

Scent control is always key, so adding your scent spray to both the sweats and your first layer is important. Sweat pants usually cost around $15 and sweat shirt another $10 plus one scent spray container, $15 which is enough to last a few days on 3 people. I can outfit myself and the boys for $75. That sure beats paying $100 plus for one pair of camos just to have them or me outgrow them in one season.


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I have bought most of my camo

I have bought most of my camo for even less than that by only buying long after the season is over and watching for the clearance to get rid of it for springtime stuff. I don't always get what I would like but the price is right and that is what matters most.

I will not pay for all the fancy scent block and things like that. I have a friend that will only buy the best clothes with all the fancy extras that are supposed to help you be a better hunter. Hunting is in the hunter not the clothes that he is wearing. Buy what you can afford and get out after them.

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Good call – camo is camo

Good call – camo is camo it doesn’t matter to the eye what fabric it is on.   


 And it is silly to invest a lot of money into something like scent-lock gore-tex in kid sizes when you know that they are going to outgrow it in a year or less. 

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I read a few comments about some not wearing camo. But to me its like going out on a date in old clothes. I love to dress up the part as it gets me in the mood. lol. Its worth mentioning again and again that alot of camo can be found on ebay real cheap. Especially after the seasons are over with.

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If i dont wear my camo, then

If i dont wear my camo, then i just wear earth tones

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I use sweats myself.

I use sweats myself.

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Some time I think camo is over rated, I think if you use earth tone colors greens and tans your going to be ok. Look at jim Shockey very seldom do you see him wearing camo and he’s shooting a muzzle loader!

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You have a point. I wonder if he worries about scent block?

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If you boys enjoy wearing the

If you boys enjoy wearing the camo that is the way to go.  But one thing to teach them is that as long as you don't make any quick movements and wear clothing that is checkered or just not a solid color then they should be ok.