Hunting Public Ground

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In most cases it's not the best choice we hunters have for a great spot to hunt. Here are some tips to make it your FIRST OPTION. As I guide in Kansas I drive by these spots every day taking hunters to their tree stands. One day on the way home I noticed some hunters coming out of the woods and asked them some questions, "where you hunting, seen any deer and so on." Then I started scouting the HUNTERS to see how they were approaching their stands and seeing how much they moved around.

In the next following days I scouted the back side of the properties and found out they were pushing the deer into little hiding spots. I grabbed one of my hunters and told him I don't put my hunters on public hunting but I think I found something you might be interested in. I let him know that he was paying for not only my property but my wisdom of how the deer were moving in my area. He agreed with me and we went hunting.

The next couple of weeks I took two hunters on the back side of this property and we bagged a few pretty respectful deer. I thought I would show pictures of two of the nicer deer.

So next time you drive by PUBLIC HUNTING, scout were the deer HUNTERS are going to benefit yourself.

Scott Scherer

"Sometimes the last hand in the Cookie jar gets the best Prize"  


public hunting grounds

I have permission to hunt private land that butts up to public land seperated by a creek. I see alot of deer comming off  the public land, so i get my pic of deer to shoot.So this is a great tip - if you have private land to hunt.On the other hand , if public is all you have (like I had for many years) you can try getting in the woods first (good and early) and get behind all those other hunters who dont go the extra mile. Get in or next to the heavy cover - it takes more work, but it allways payed off for me.

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great tips, thanks for

great tips, thanks for sharing

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Great tips. Very nice bucks.

Great tips. Very nice bucks.