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How many of you out there keep a journal of your hunting trips or outings?  I started to about 20 years ago and then moved them from a journal to a story that I will send out to my friends so that they can enjoy the time as well.  I'll aslo put into the journal the scouting trips that go along with the hunts of limited or once in a lifetime hunts. 

I have found that if you buy a small notebook that fits into your shirt pocket and take it with you when you head out is the easiest way to keep notes of where you went along with what you see on the hill side.  This notebook along with a pen or pencil will soon become a handy item that will not be left behind when you head out into the field.  Also just think of how many times that you wished that you had a piece of paper and something to write with.  I know that I use to use some business cards and a tip of a bullet when I needed to leave a note.  Also here in Colorado you must sign your carcass tag after you make the kill so the pen could come in handy. 

If you do it this way you will never have to wonder just where you went and what you saw while tring to remember when someone asks you about it.  Along with having some notes to refer to when you write up that big buck story here on Big Game Hunt. 


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Online Hunting Journal....

I found this great FREE website...

It allows you to create a hunting journal with weather, solar and lunar information automatically.  It use to take me too long to look all of that stuff up.  This website does it automatically for you.

You have to check it out.


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Thats a great tip and a great

Thats a great tip and a great thing to do. I've been doing that for a number of years and recalled my first deer in a book form dedicated to my father who I lost in 77 and will miss dearly. Keep up the good work.!! 

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Super tip

Keeping a journal is a great idea.  I started mine about twenty years ago, at least twenty years later than I wish.  I took it with me on every hunt and tried to make entries each evening.  If I didn't get to it, I did it as soon as I got home.  And like you, I ended up writing stories of my hunts.  This past year, I had a hard cover book made of my stories and dedicated it to my wife, children and grandchildren.  I had the book made through an on-line site called Snap Fish and it is complete with pictures.  It's a great way to save those stories for years to come.

Good tip on keeping a journal.  Some guys put the weather, time of day, location and anything else that might be of value for a future hunt.

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This is a very good tip

This is a very good tip Critter and one I am goin to take to heart. I have never taken notes of my hunts at all and I can'ttell you how many times I have sat there in confusion trying to remember some small detail when thinking back. The seasons are the same every year but the weather and quantity or quality of game is not and keeping good notes could make a difference in the future.

Fishing trips are even more crucial due to longer seasons. I am always trying to remember what month I had the good success on stripers in what year and what the temps were running. Some years we catch almost none and others we fill the boay with keepers.(no limit on stripers at powell)

Thanks again for the prompt to get my act together so I can enjoy the stories later and make better plans for the future.

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Great idea, I do.

I do have a hunting journal.  Its a leather bound book teh size of a paperback novel that my wife bought for me before my African hunt.  I use it to record my daily memoris when I am hunting away from home and then she can read it to share my experiences once I get home.

Beyond that I try to write down my hunts within a day or two after every harvest.  I try to capture teh details while they are fresh in my mind.  sure I hope that maybe someday other people will enjoy them.  I enjoy hunting stories so the idea that I can pay back some small portion to readers of my stories on site like gives me a kick.  But really writing down the memories of the hunts is for me more than anyone else.

Writing notes that allow me to call those memories up and savor them years later is really something worth doing.  When I took my first couple deer, the memories were crisp and vivid, but after 20 years of hunting some of teh details start to fade and you lose track of what happened with which deer on what hunt with who...etc.  So having a reference to draw on whether it is a physical book style journal or a blog, or just a collection of assorted emails telling your friends about the hunt is a very good thing indeed.

Maybe someday we'll each have enough to craft into hunting memoirs worthy of publishing.  Now wouldn't THAT be cool?

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Great tip. I try to do this

Great tip. I try to do this as much as possible. I always carrey my notepad in my hunting backpack. since I've joined the site I've been trying to post pictures and stories in the forums as the season progress's. It helps me to remeber just what happened and when. thanks for sharing...

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Good tip

I used to fish allot of walleye tournaments and got in the habit of doing that every time I fished I would record every thing from tempter numbers of fish, colors of lures and it does make a great log of what was going on and before you know it you can put a pattern down.

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I have done this on occasion

I have done this on occasion but never on a regular basis. I know I need to though.