Hunting Gear Storage

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Have you ever looked all over the house and garage for a piece of hunting equipment or an article of clothing?  I sure have... or at least I used to.  I found that storing my hunting gear in large containers that are labeled not only saves me time looking but also saves space.  I used to have my gear all over the house, taking up space that I needed for other things.

Here's what I do now.  I went out and bought some large plastic tubs and everything goes in them.  I have one for my cooking gear and stoves.  Anything that has to do with my camp cooking is in that bin.

I have one for my camo clothing.  At the end of a hunt, I wash my cloths in a scent-free detergent, fold them up and put them in my cloths bin.  Any time I need an article of camo clothing, I know exactly where it is.

I have one for my hunter orange clothing.  All my orange vests, coats, hats, gloves and anything else I use on a modern firearm hunt go into that bin.

I have one for my hunting gear, such as backpack, turkey calls, flashlights and other items that I use for hunting.

Each bin is labeled and goes into my storage area.  They are out of the way, safe and I know right where they are.  This may sound like a lot of work, but let me tell you, the time and effort it saves is worth a lot.  And you wife will like it too.


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i myself use those tote boxes

i myself use those tote boxes to store a lot of my clothing and personal gear. it helps keep things organized. i take pieces of masking tape and write on the top of the box with what all is in there. it really helps out, except for when i have to get one of the boxes down from the rafters in the garage... that's never fun and never easy!

luckily, i have a garage all to myself. and i keep my hunting trailer pretty much loaded to the gills, that makes everything pretty accessable to me when i need it.

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That is a great tip.  I use

That is a great tip.  I use tubs for all my gear.  I have taken it another step and labeled all my totes with what is in them.  I really help when it comes itime to look fo that one item you need o finish packing.

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Great tip. This is something

Great tip. This is something my dad and I have been doing for a number of years now. The only thing we don't do is color code or mark the tubs. I think I will start marking the tubs though as sometimes it seems like I search through every tub before I find what I want. Thanks for sharing the tip. 

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Great stuff, I have been

Great stuff, I have been doing this for about 5 years, everything has its own stop in its bin and everthing is labled and tagged, the thing i do with my cloths bin is after washing my cloths i put them in a huge ziplock type bag with a fresh earth dryer sheet, that keeps the pastic smell off of them and when i put them on i smell of dirt, i love it.

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Yes, great tip. I've been

Yes, great tip. I've been doing the same thing and also just before deer season depending on where I"m going to hunt rather near the apple orchard or the pines I'll take out what I'll wear and put either sliced apples or small pine brows in the pockets. It helps.

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This is another good tip and

This is another good tip and one I have used for a few years now except for the labeling. Not labeling was a mistake as I share a shed with my uncle and he decided to use the same type of tubs when he saw what I was doing. Now I have them all labeled with contents or in some cases I have purchased some of the new ones that are somewhat clear and you can see whats inside. Things still get scattered pretty good when the seasons arrive since I'm trying to store stuff for my kids also but it sure makes a huge difference.

Thanks for the tip.

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Yes, this is a great tip. I

Yes, this is a great tip. I was in the same boat you were in. I had things everywhere. I bought several large plastic tubs and now everytime I wonder where a certain item is I know exactly which tub to look in. It saves time and space, and like you said not only do I like it but my wife does as well.

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That would help me to be more organized.

Great Tip Arrow-flipper!  I have a bin for my clothes, but I keep everything else in my “gun-room”


I have really considered using a system similar to yours to segregate things by season though.  Say one bin for turkey hunting gear, another for waterfowling, and a third for deer hunting.  That would help me to be more organized.   

 Thanks for the reminder! SMONY.

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That's one tip that I could

That's one tip that I could really make use of - - except that I use much of my "hunting" stuff year round. If we start with Fall, I will be using one of my light pair of slip-on boots for the cool mornings of September when I go fishing. I will also have on my camouflage sweatshirt and perhaps my insulated vest that reverses from camo orange to mossy oak. October means bow season, and some of those same clothes are used for hunting and also fishing - sometimes on the same days. November brings out the heavier boots, but again, much of the same clothes, with the addition of the insulated underwear, heavier socks and another layer for on top. After that comes ice fishing, which usually lasts through the middle of March. OK - I guess THAT might be the time to put it all in storage tubs - - except for days like today (March 23) when I wake up to 6" of snow and freezing rain. Back out comes the heavy clothes and boots for running the snowblower.

I guess I'm just not meant to be organized, guys. I'll just have to continue to have my hunting, fishing, ice fishing, snowblowing clothes scattered all over the place. The one thing that I am good at, however, is getting all my stuff laid out the night before I go hunting or fishing. At least I'm not tearing the house apart at 4 a.m. trying to find that certain vest!