Hunting Big Bull Elk Tip

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I am writing this to myself as much as I am for others. It is what you and I have to do to score that BIG BULL ELK! If you are wanting that truly nice Bull Elk that will top all others you have shot. You will not find him in high traffic areas that have good public access. You are looking for a 6 year old Bull or better that is a very wise Bull and knows how to get old. You are going to have to look at places that the general public or lazy hunters will not go.

That big boy will know were those places are going to be, so its your job to find them as well. Most likely you are going to have to be willing to pass up a few big boys as well. Be picky the first few days, make sure you know what is in the area and pattern them. But one thing to remember is a true trophy is in the eye of the person with the tag. I was told last year at the shooting range by a wise man, that if the Bull Elk makes you lose your breath then its the right one!


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Great info, thank you very

Great info, thank you very much

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The big ones do enjoy the

The big ones do enjoy the deepest and darkest canyons that are around but they don't get big by being stupid

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Good tip, thanks.

Good tip, thanks.

Thanks for sharing your tip

Thanks for sharing your tip