Hunt For Tomorrow Not Just For Today

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I have been a hunter for the last 10 years, and I have seen other hunters, not all hunters just some. Anyway they do not haul off their trash or clean up their camp site when they pack up and go home. This makes all hunters look bad, and it has a bigger impact on all of us then they think.

So I have started talking with other kids that I meet during hunting seasons and asking them to help me and other hunters that if they see trash of any kind like : pop cans, candy wrappers, stuff like that when they are walking in the woods to just stop and pick it up, this will help all hunters in the future it is also a greater benefit to the land and all of the animals we hunt, I am fifteen years old and would like to be able to keep hunting for the next 50 years with out having to pay an extra fee on my hunting license for somthing like clean up fee so lets all do our part.


Meliton Vargas


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Great Post

I couldn't agree more! There's nothing worse the litter in the woods. I go into the woods to avoid trash!